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Mingary Yoga Immersion:

September 21-23, 2018

Millen Lake, Washington, NH

* * *


“Sometimes I Went to a Dark Place”, by Jody Gladding


I liked it there

liked the way I could call into it

there is no light!


and it would echo back ...... light!

I liked the way it sounded, my voice calling

there is no light! ..... and the chorus back calling


light! ..... So I went often, stayed long

listening to my voice and the chorus

it called from the dark.


But once, after much calling and echoing, my voice failed,

and as it failed, the echo faded

and I said to myself there is no light.


No light I said again, and there was no echo.

No light I whispered because my voice had failed

and there was no echo.


So I turned whispering light

and I ran saying light

and I found my way out and called


light! ...... finding my voice again

in a chorus calling back

light from a dark place.